Study for Ausgießung Tempel

[Study for Outpouring Temple]

gouache over pencil, 1911/1934


Fidus (Lübeck 1868-1948 Woltersdorf bei Berlin), also known as Hugo Höppener

"Study for Im Tempel der Ausgießung" ["Study for In the Temple of the Outpouring"],

also known as "'Ausgießung': Entwurf für eine Altarwand" ["'Outpouring': Design for an Altar Wall"

1911 and 1934

gouache over pencil, on paper and cardboard

39,5 x 49,7 cm

The Daulton Collection

It appears that Fidus completed the gouache and pencil central drawing in 1911 and then later, in 1934, mounted that drawing on an elaborate gouache and pencil surround.  The central drawing is monogrammed and dated lower right: "F. 1911."  The surround is signed and dated lower right "Fidus 1934" and is inscribed lower left "Ausgießung"; the surround is also inscribed on the edge just below the original drawing: "Ausgießung" and "Entwurf für eine Altarwand."

Publication History

Janos Frecot, Johann Friedrich Geist, and Diethart Kerbs, Fidus 1868-1949. Zur ästhetischen Praxis bürgerlicher Fluchtbewegungen (München: Rogner & Bernhard, 1972), ill. nr. 44 at pg. 462.


The idea of a temple had run through Fidus' work since his apprenticeship years at the Lübeck trade school. The present drawing of an "altar wall" appears to have served as a study for his 1911/1945 large-format painting "Im Tempel der Ausgießung" ["In the Temple of the Outpouring"], also owned by The Daulton Collection.  See next entry on this website.



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