Geisterflug [Spirit Flight]


pencil on paper


Fidus (Luebeck 1868-1948 Woltersdorf bei Berlin), also known as Hugo Hoeppener

"Geisterflug" ["Spirit Flight"]


pencil on light cardboard

34 x 25 cm

dated lower right: "von 1900"

The Daulton Collection

"In the poem 'Geisterflug' ['Spirit Flight'] by Ludwig Scharf, the deities Kronos, Jehovah, Astaroth, Athena, Wodan, and Lucifer chat about the end of the sun, which is now only a glowing lump of coal floating in space, and the earth, of which only a black lump remained. Fidus depicts all six deities as the frame around the handwritten poem. He draws Astaroth still in the female appearance as Astarte, with occult symbols, opposite her stands Athena, at their feet Kronos and Wodan, respectively, and Jehovah and Lucifer at the top center."  B

detail showing Lucifer:



The Daulton Collection